2016-10-09 Penrhyn Mawr Again!

PM - not a lot happening

again with Brian, Andy Sloan and Dave Blake’s group. We all got there far too early. We (Brian and moi) told them it was far too early the night before, but they insisted on a 9:30 on the water. Hey ho. Another hour in bed would have been nice.

When we arrived at Penrhyn Mawr not a lot was happening. Brian and I messed about for a bit before going off to find a surge’y spot to muck about in. Andy in his new boat headed back as he was sinking! (the skeg box was leaking)

The others went to South Stack having given up on PM.

Had lunch in Porth Ruffydd which was well sheltered with stunning clear water. We were soon joined by Barry Shaw and his group and as we were leaving ’s group were just arriving. Hiya fellas.

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