Trip Planner Example

And here is a real example of how it works. All the details of your trip are at hand when you print it off and stick it in your map case.

Download (2.4 MB)


My Trip Planner

My trip planner – This started off as Phils version, but then I soon found I needed additional info as I was doodling all over it… So it has now ended up looking like this. V2.1

Download (36.8 KB)


Trip Planner – Phil Clegg's version

This is is Phil Clegg’s version of the trip planner. He denies it came from him and that it was something someone had given him along the way. Either way I really like the simplicity of using this.

Download (40.2 KB)


Sea Kayak leader crib notes

  Sea Kayak leader crib notes – this is something I came across on my 4 star leader assessment. Really useful in those stressful assessment situations. One side is all the details of the call to the coastguard re your trip and the other the things to talk about with your group. Cut it out, laminate it and keep it in a pocket of your BA.

Download (473.4 KB)


Sea Tag

    This is a Sea Tag, which I shamelessly copied. Print it out, fill it in, laminate it and secure to the inside to the cockpit area of your boat. I used No more nails to glue mine!


Forward Paddling

    Very interesting forward paddling article by Nigel Dennis. PDF Document (Celtic Paddles)

Download (821.3 KB)

BCU Logbook Excel Spreadsheet Version

  This started life as the one you can get from the BCU website, as an Excel spreadsheet. I hated it! Lots of merged cells where there shouldn’t be and generally badly formatted. So I created my own in Excel, which morphed into a Word version…

Download (520 KB)

Tidal Planning spreadsheet

Useful spreadsheet for tidal planning – I used this for the Farnes trip I did. Make sure you view both tabs as the 9th July sheet has the mathematical explanation.
Download (1 Mb)

Sea Kayakers Crib Sheet

Sea Kayakers Crib Sheety thing. Print it off and laminate it. Then stick it on your deck.  PDF Document

Download (69.6 KB) 

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