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  • Sea Kayak Journey Planner


    This PDF trip planner started off based on Phil Clegg’s version (Sea Kayaking Anglesey), but then I soon found I needed additional boxes as I was doodling all over it. So it has now ended up looking like this. My latest version is now V3.0. Download will save a pdf version of this planner for you to print of as many copies you wish.

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  • Sea Leader Crib sheet


    Sea Leader Crib PDF

    Print it, cut it out, then fold in half and laminate it, so it is nice and water proof

    Then stick it in the pocket of your BA for future reference

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  • Tidal Hour Sheet


    Tidal Hour Sheet – I use this sheet to calculate the average direction and speed of the tide, when using tidal diamonds and/or tidal stream atlas’s. As both Tidal Stream Atlas’s and Tidal Diamonds provided on charts give you the speed and direction of the tide at a particular time, you need to work out what the average speed and direction of the tide is over an hour. For a more detailed explanations see my tidal planning pages.

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