Sea Kayak Journey Planner


This PDF trip planner started off based on Phil Clegg’s version (Sea Kayaking Anglesey), but then I soon found I needed additional boxes as I was doodling all over it. So it has now ended up looking like this. My latest version is now V3.0. Download will save a pdf version of this planner for you to print of as many copies you wish.

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How to use: Draw the directions of swell, tide, and wind in the appropriate rows and add any other details such as wind strength, swell hight etc. This then provides an excellent visual of the conditions you will encounter, as well as highlighting any wind against tide issues that may occur. Once complete I then store this in my map case for easy reference whilst on the water.

Here is an example of a trip plan I did in 2016 using an older version of this planner.

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