CLAP Leadership and Group Control whilst Sea Kayaking



Before Meeting Group:

Group contacts: Emails, Social Media.

Data gathering - Form Filling, Coastguard details, Shore Contacts, Initial Introductions, When & Where.


Having met the group

Click here to find more about S.H.E.E.T.S




  • Group debrief
  • Coast Guard
  • Shore contacts

Line of Sight

Line of sight

Maintain line of sight

  • When not possible use number 2 as link man

Share responsibility
Looking back/forward

Movement and control methods:

  • Shepherding
  • Chain linking
  • Buddy/pairs


  • Match you and your group's abilities too the environment. Even the best guides can only rescue one client at a time.
  • Put Safety precautions in place to safely negotiate obstacles.
  • Reduce the threat of hazards ie. use a catch man, hold ground/return?
  • Be aware of effects from features: Tidal flows, Swells and Wind.

Risk assessment Probabilities and outcomes What is the physical and emotional status of the group

  • Comfort Zone?
  • S   t   r   e   t   c   h   Zone?




  • effectiveness of you and your number two
  • group safety
  • Positioning within group

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