"Axel Pack" Map Case - Replacement PVC case

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Is your "Axel Pack" map case becoming opaque through lots of use or like mine damaged beyond repair and leaking like a sieve? Then get yourself a replacement case. This is for the PVC case only and does not include the rollers or any other parts of the "Axel Pack" case. The "Axel Pack" Map case is the only case I have found that is fully waterproof. It is the best case I have ever used. I was quite upset when I realised my case was damaged. Not only was my map ruined, but I couldn't find anywhere to buy a replacement case from. So, I set about looking at how to make a replacement case.  I have now found the right grade of PVC sheet and worked out how to weld the PVC sheets together. As I now have a quantity of PVC sheeting I can make further replacement cases. 🙂 I am selling these replacement PVC cases for £14.99. [caption id="attachment_16614" align="aligncenter" width="1140"] New and old original[/caption]
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