2019-11-24 Bull Bay Middle Mouse Cemaes

Sunday and another meeting up at the truck stop where some consumed their breakfasts and others looked on aghast! With the tidal flow timings, we decided to head to Bull Bay and paddle with the tide, taking in Middle Mouse and take whatever else we can get before the tide turns. The weather was...

Welsh Dolphins

2017-08-27 Cwmtydu to Ynys Lochtyn

Mrs T told me that on her boat trip a couple of days earlier, they had gone down the coast to Ynys Lochtyn, where there was another pod of dolphins. So setting of from Cwmtydu, I headed to Ynys Lochtyn, sticking close to the cliff to admire the cliff rock formations. At Ynys Lochtyn...

New Quay

2017-08-25 New Quay to Cwmtydu

Wondering around the quaint Welsh port of New Quay (Ceinewydd)  my wife spotted a sign advertising two hour boat trips. “Why don’t I go on a boat trip whilst you go for a paddle” she said! Well I am not going to say no to that! An hour or so later I was setting off...

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