Welsh Dolphins

2017-08-27 Cwmtydu to Ynys Lochtyn

Mrs T told me that on her boat trip a couple of days earlier, they had gone down the coast to Ynys Lochtyn, where there was another pod of dolphins. So setting of from Cwmtydu, I headed to Ynys Lochtyn, sticking close to the cliff to admire the cliff rock formations. At Ynys Lochtyn...

New Quay

2017-08-25 New Quay to Cwmtydu

Wondering around the quaint Welsh port of New Quay (Ceinewydd)  my wife spotted a sign advertising two hour boat trips. “Why don’t I go on a boat trip whilst you go for a paddle” she said! Well I am not going to say no to that! An hour or so later I was setting off...

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