2017-10-08 Falmouth St Mawes

Ages ago I booked myself onto Sea Kayaking Cornwall’s incident management week, not realising this was part of the courses week following their symposium weekend. At the time of booking, I thought I can travel down on the Saturday, taking it nice and easy, stopping overnight in the van if I need to. And...


2017-07 8th/9th The Farnes

I’ve had never paddled the Farnes before, but I remember years ago watching enviously a group of Sea Kayakers setting off from Bamburgh, when my kids were little and we were on holiday in that part of the world. Happy Days! Mike Robson put out an email saying he was running a trip on...

Skerries Light

2017-04-06 Five Star Training – Day 4

A trip to the Skerries practising leadership navigation skills with a great group of paddlers. Another fabulous paddle with lots of learning from James Stevenson Tags: Adventure Elements, Anglesey, Anglesey Outdoors, Distance: 10 Nm to 15Nm, James Stevenson, PeakUK, Reed Chillcheater, Role: Trainee, Sea Kayak Trips, Sea State: 3 (0.50 - 1.25) Light, The...

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